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    House of Style : Athens : 06.28.14

    SUMMER CAMP started early this year with a weekend of post-Basel R & R in Greece. Actually, the Swiss fair was still in progress when the first escapees arrived in Athens last Friday. With hardly a stop for breath, artists, collectors, and curators were whisked away to supercollector Dakis Jouannou’s Deste Foundation for the opening of “Macho,” an exhibition of self-portrait photographs by Juergen Teller, curated by Marina Fokidis. This is how art people take the pressure off—by immersing themselves in art that they can’t buy or sell. ... more

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  • The Look – Diller Scofidio + Renfro with Matthew Monteith

    The Look – Diller Scofidio + Renfro with Matthew Monteith

    THE LOOK – Diller Scofidio + Renfro with Matthew Monteith


    Architecture is to building as fashion is to clothing: both may be seen as excesses of their functional roots. Whereas in fashion the adjective “architectural” is an asset, a positive term that applies to a design with distinctively strong structure and form, the term “fashionable” in architecture is pejorative, suggesting a fleeting trend with no lasting worth. As trends typically come and go, only to return again, the fast wheel of fashion occasionally falls into alignment with the slow motion of architecture. This peculiar synchrony between “fashion time” and “architecture time” is both unsettling and liberating.

    Each year, the DESTE Foundation commissions an artist to curate a capsule collection and integrate the selected works into an independent project. For 2013, Diller Scofidio + Renfro examines the notion of the classic in fashion and architecture. The Look is a narrative in eighteen scenes about youth, aging, timelessness, and identity. It is set in an ambiguous time.

    Published by the DESTE Foundation for Contemporary Art.

    Edited by: Diller Scofidio + Renfro
    Year of publication: 2014
    ISBN: 978-618-5039-09-7
    English / Hardcover / 30 x 45 cm / 40 pages / 18 color photographic plates

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  • Matt Ducklo and Matthew Monteith

    Matt Ducklo and Matthew Monteith

    Matt Ducklo and Matthew Monteith
    The Gallery at Hermès, New York, USA
    691 Madison Avenue, New York
    Free admission : from 16/03/2012 to 28/04/2012

    Curated by Cory Jacobs

    Mind’s Eye is an exchange of glances, views, visions… astutely orchestrated by Cory Jacobs, curator of The Gallery at Hermès. American photographers Matt Ducklo and Matthew Monteith – showing together for the first time – explore our responses to works of art.

    Matt Ducklo and Matthew Monteith take their own, very different approaches to the nature of visual perception, questioning the depth and intensity of our response to works of art. How do we derive meaning from our visually saturated environment? Viewers are invited to consider the act of looking, in the act of looking at the photographs on display – a self-reflexive show that engages our senses as a whole, alerting us to the limits and the potential of the work of art.

    Matt Ducklo’s Touch Tour series began six years ago, working in UK and US museums that offer tactile galleries for visually impaired visitors, allowing them to experience works of art through touch: the resulting pictures are a sensitive evocation of this most intimate act of apprehension.

    Matthew Monteith lived in Rome – the original City of Art, rich in bewildering visual stimuli – in 2008 and 2009. His unusual perspective on familiar masterpieces presents them in an astonishing new light. Taking a fresh look at the Eternal City, Monteith’s images often showcase the interaction of art and viewer, joining our gaze to theirs in a striking visual vortex, and a powerful reminder of the deep subjectivity of our approach to art. 
    Mind’s Eye is a collection of 21 colour photographs, most of which are on public display for the first time.

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  • Fantom


    Fantom No. 8: Fall 2011

    Photographic Quarterly

    Published by Boiler Corporation
    Edited by Cay Sophie Rabinowitz, Selva Barni.

    Founded in Milan and New York in 2009, Fantom Photographic Quarterlyis a premium international magazine nourishing contemporary perspectives in photography and the visual arts, delivering a unique view on the art of photography and contemporary creativity. Edited by Selva Barni and Cay Sophie Rabinowitz, its content is divided into recurring thematic sections: “Eye to Eye,” in which two photographers converse; “Sample Size,” where artists and curators discuss their visual references; “By Appointment Only,” which looks to a particular collection; “Eye of the Beholder,” where gallerists discuss the talents they expose; “Means to an End,” about the side effects of non-artistic image production. With a radical blend of arresting images, print quality and distinctive design, Fantomis the only magazine in the market fostering photography as the medium crossing all creative industries and practices--advertising, art, design, fashion, media--aiming at the core of our imagination.

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